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Our Services

high levels of expertise

WEST S.A. has a solid(extensive) experience in the marketing sector since 1994. Our values and high levels of expertise guarantee the impeccable implementation of the projects we deliver.

Our Postal services are fully aligned with our company culture and values: Reliability, Speed, Quality, Customer Loyalty and Commitment to Result. We operate under the European standards and have an approved certification from the National Committee on Telecommunication and Mail Office.


It is a direct and personal communication with the consumer- customer either through informative flyer or through forms of billing and advertising. Our mailmen deliver responsibly the flyers or envelops at addresses and recipients that are printed on them. The direct mail method creates a bidirectional communication and develops a personal relationship between customer and company.


The distribution by mail box has the purpose of approaching anonymous customers-recipients, placing the flyer-envelope in the mail box of each recipient. At this method we operate by “scanning of territory” by zip code.


The distribution by door to door method is a very powerful mean of communication with the customers-recipients because we reach at his door and leave the envelope-flyer-sample right in front of or under his door personally for him. At this method we operate by “scanning of territory” by zip code.