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Customer service: 8001190010

Our Technology

We strongly support innovative technological infrastructure and we strive to develop it in house so as to achieve:

  • higher level of control over project implementation (team guidance, resources allocation, etc)
  • best response in monitoring and reporting time to customer
  • added value over the results produced that can be shared in real time
  • credibility and reliability to customer

UINTRAX is a project management platform that provides:

  • Tracking distribution in real time with telematics devices (GPS).

(Real time tracking distribution with telematics devices(GPS)

  • Monitoring projects


  • mail delivery with barcode scanning (real time data)
  • visualization of the distribution map
  • distance covered by each distributor/mailman
  • confirmation of deliverance(delivery)
  • coverage of postal codes( Postal Code Coverage)

Real Time Tracking

We are tracking all our distribution mail projects with telematics  devices (GPS), offering live monitoring and reporting.

Barcode Reporting

We confirm all our direct mail deliveries with barcode scanning, providing real data regarding the exact time, place and accuracy of the delivery.

Mailbox Reporting

We provide an accurate reporting to our clients, with reliable data regarding the implementation of the projects.